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The Economics of Laughter

Most of us have heard, I am sure, that laughter is good for the soul. And, no doubt, many of us have heard that laughter is good for our immune systems. How many of us, however, look at laughter from an economic perspective?

The economics of laughter are compelling. Laughter might serve as a potent tool in helping raise employee morale, leading to greater productivity in the workplace. On an individual basis, it might increase our ability to save money. Let’s take a look at how this might work.

When it comes to employee morale, certain managers mistake a disciplined approach to achieving goals with the need to be overly serious. While it is true that the workplace is not an environment for constant clowning, it need not be filled with solemnity befitting a funeral. Work can and should be fun. Laughter is an expression of fun and enjoyment.

Employees who enjoy themselves are able to work harder, more consistently, than employees who feel that their job is some kind of grinding punishment. Happy employees can lead to greater profitability for an enterprise.

On a personal level, the happier we are, the less we feel the need to spend money in order to fill a void in our lives. If we learn to laugh, to love and to appreciate the world around us, the need to acquire material things in order to fill gaps diminishes. If we learn to laugh at ourselves and the challenges life puts before us, we can convert our tenure on earth from a grim confrontation with inevitable sorrows into a joyous celebration of all that is good. And this celebration can help us save money in the process.

It is said that laughter is the best medicine. I believe it is also a sound financial practice.

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