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The Doll Collector, author Ed Jakubik at Signing for His Crime Thriller in Belmar, New Jersey

As many of you recall, back in December, we spoke with author Ed Jakubik about the digital release of his recent crime/suspense novel entitled, The Doll Collector [see here].

Yesterday at a signing in at the Belmar Library in Belmar, New Jersey, Ed was celebrating the publication of the softcover version of The Doll Collector. His first novel, it is a riveting page turner.

Above is a picture of Ed Jakubik with Rob Gill at the book signing. Rob was on coaching panels with us along with Andy Hill, Coach Mike Leach and CYInterview featured columnist Jay Bildstein [see here and see here].

You can purchase a The Doll Collector in ebook format at the link clicking here

You can purchase a paperback copy of The Doll Collector here.

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