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The Beast is Back! Dan Severn Returns to Talk: Ronda Rousey, Ken Shamrock, His 2017 Goals and Dan Severn’s Danger Zone this Coming Saturday Night, January 14th in Fort Wayne, Indiana

This past August [see here], we had the opportunity to speak with former UFC Champion and NWA World Champion Dan Severn, about his life and his new book The Realest Guy in the Room: The Life and Times of Dan Severn.

Speaking with the gifted amateur wrestler, MMA fighter and pro wrestler always makes for an interesting exchange. Mr. Severn’s accomplishments speak for themselves. In our latest chat, Dan talks about his goals for 2017, his advice for UFC fighter Ronda Rousey – if she were to join the WWE and enter the world or professional wrestling – and his desire to have one more MMA match against Ken Shamrock, this year, among other topics.

Aside from his storied career as a fighter, coach and trainer, Dan is also a promoter. This coming Saturday night, January 14th, MMA fans can watch Dan Severn’s Danger Zone promotion show online at www.the-dangerzone.com for a $10 fee. The show will be live in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

You can listen to the entire CYInterview with Dan Severn below:

Listen to the entire Dan Severn CYInterview:

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