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The Basics are the Best

Want to rise to the very top of your field of endeavor? Remember this always, “The basics are the best!”

So many times we think the pursuit of excellence requires some secret formula. Whether it is in school, sports, business or some other activity, we are seduced by the notion that there is some secret we can learn that will insure our success. Admittedly, in any given activity, there may be information that is not widely available that may help us succeed. However, even if that is the case, is that the secret to success? The answer is no!

Succeeding in any undertaking comes from a strong mastering and application of basic principles. To make this clear, let’s look at dieting. Many people are perpetually in search of “dieting secrets.” Yet the secret to losing weight is no secret at all – eat less and move more! I suspect almost all of us know this. However, while the process of losing weight is simple, we often search out “secrets” to help us do it. Why? Because simple does not necessarily mean easy. Losing weight means moving out of our comfort zone.

To become the best at something, we must move out of our comfort zone. For example, to become the best at sales we must master the basics of selling. That and it is of critical importance that we consistently meet with more potential clients than our competition. Assuming we have solid selling skills, it is an energetic and enthusiastic repetition of the basics – carried out more frequently than our competitors – that will bring us to the top of our profession.

Most of the time, people shy away from perfecting the basics and, instead, search out secrets and shortcuts because being the best at the basics takes effort, lots of effort.

Master the basics in whatever you are doing. Be upbeat, energetic and enthusiastic. Sooner than later, you will rise to the top.

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