The Average Every Person

To those fools who claim they know
When trekking through life’s barren snow
Who ascribe a meaning when there’s none
Then fall apart when their will’s not done

Blaspheming dolts of an origin certain
Who take themselves as their own potent gods
Marking their existence by their arrogance
Their legacy hollow and frail, not worthy just odd

They reside in a prison of superficial reputation
Their true character faulty at best
They bark orders and command others
Believing the highest good is obeying their behests

The insecure who fake security
Those lacking esteem, who stick out their chests
The phony tough who run when it’s rough
The frauds, pretenders and false strivers – they are not life’s drivers

Existence is tough stuff
Not for the weak minded who collapse in a huff
Life is often random, without inherent meaning and that’s rough
While pseudo-intellects pedal their wares, pretending they’ve got the stuff.

We, the rest, without much agenda and overweening pride,
We must release ourselves from the shadows, refusing false modesty and a place to hide
We must meet the phonies in the realm of ideas, sending them whence they came
If we do not, then we too must bear their ignominious shame

Our words are consequential
Our meaning bold and true
We are the average every person
And we are owed our due

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*Authors note: You might see this column pop up online in a newspaper, under the name Both Sides. I am publishing this column here first at For a bunch of years, I have been writing newspaper columns. Since my columns have received a good response on CYInterview, I thought I would share it with you. Hope you enjoy.

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