The Amazing Mike Leach Back with Us; Stellar Coach of Washington State Cougars Talks Team’s New Quarterback, Their Coachability, His Trip to Mideast, More

It is July and so, college football season is right around the corner. Checking in with us from his home in Key West, Florida is our friend, CYInterview regular Coach Mike Leach. Mr. Leach is the highly regarded head football coach of the Washington State Cougars and a NY Times bestselling author. Mike chatted with us about the upcoming college football season.

Coach Leach’s Cougars won 11 games last year. That was the most games won in a season in team history. This season, there will be a new quarterback at the helm of the team. Coach talked with us about the selection process for picking a starting quarterback for the upcoming season and whether this year’s team will be as coachable as last year’s, that finished the season at 11-2.

Being summer, Mike just returned from traveling, having visited Israel, Jordan and Turkey. He gave us his thoughts on the Middle East and what he learned while he was there.

Finally, it would not be a CYInterview with Coach Leach without discussing the movies he has recently seen. Consequently, you will get Coach’s take on some movies you might be interested in.

You can listen to the entire CYInterview below:

Listen to the entire Mike Leach CYInterview:

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