The Alleviation of Future Regrets

Life used to be a blast
Now you’re a fly under glass
Buzzing to get out
You shout!

Life used to be so fine
Oh the wine!
Now you whine
As you sit in a funk

Life used to be one giant party
But your mind plays tricks on you
And you don’t give a tough past its due

No, it wasn’t better then
It was different, not better
Doesn’t matter the weather
We make things good or bad – don’t get mad

Get happy right now
Here’s how
Choose a goal
Ready? Let’s roll!

Life is filled with strife
But goals are gold
We create the mold, then act
That’s a fact!

We can alleviate future regrets
By making a most certain bet, on ourselves
Not much more upon which to dwell
We can relieve our living hell

We are the answer to our sorrows
We are the admiral of our fleet of dreams
We can act now
And later live our envisioned scenes

Why cry about the rain?
Why complain about the heat?
It is up to us
To all circumstances meet

Tomorrow can belong to us
If we are willing to work today, without a fuss
But, and this is big
It is up to us, you dig?

So, do now and don’t put things off
Don’t be sucked in by those who say you cannot
Take action!
Success, so earned, is always in fashion

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