Thanks Grandma

My grandmother lived to be over 100 years old. Her life was not just long but healthy. However, by her mid-nineties her eyesight began to fail and she spent most of her days sitting. This was a departure from what she was like for most of her life. She had previously been a virtual ball of perpetual motion.

My grandmother was always working at something in the home. When she was not cooking, she was tending to any number of things. Except for her custom of sitting down to have a cup of coffee and a very plain cookie or cracker, I cannot remember her off her feet. She was a hard worker and a good person.

I miss my grandmother. I miss all my grandparents.

One time, when my grandmother was about 95, I visited her. She was sitting in a chair in the dining room of her home. We began speaking. We were not talking about anything special. Then she uttered the following words, “It’s like a dream.” My grandmother was reflecting on her long life. And she was commenting that even though her life was long, filled with ups and downs, good times, bad times and uncertainties, now, at 95, it seemed as if her life had been a dream.

That comment stuck with me but I did not think much about it at the time. However, from time to time I have reflected on my grandmother’s “It’s like a dream” comment. With time I have come to understand just how profound it is.

Life is short. Life goes by quickly, like a dream. We go to sleep and dream. And then, in an instant, those dreams are gone. Most of us do not like to think too much about how fast life goes by. It scares us. It makes some of us feel down. What it should do, however, is empower us.

We have more time than we think when we realize that time is short. I know, that sounds like a contradictory statement. Yet, if we realize we have finite time on this earth, we can make the best use of the time we have and make the most of it, just like my grandmother did. And, perhaps, if we are truly engaged with life and find our meaning and purpose, we will live longer and be happier.

Thanks grandma.

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