Tender Light from Above, a Poem

Tender light from above. Sky light, my light, the heavens smile. A bird flies. The sun shines. We are happy. Happiness from the waves of the ocean and the blooming of the flowers. Happiness in all its simplicity.

Our internal compass points to joy. We know and we are glad when we follow its course. That path by the eternal endorsed. A walk through nature’s wonders. A satisfaction from seeing the amazing gifts of this world. Behold them now, as we go through in a whirl.

Mountains, canyons and the deep blue sea. Heights and depths and perspectives to see. The heart races as we climb a rock face. We smile as we come out of the ocean, refreshed and renewed. Our soul yearns to be by nature imbrued.

Worms crawl and ants busy themselves doing that work that ants do. Bees are busy making honey. A breeze blows blades of grass as they gently rock back and forth, a trillion hammocks for organisms, perhaps, too small to imagine.

The fragrances of spring settle in as we head to summer, a glorious and golden time. No need for verse. No need for rhyme. The ultimate music and lyrics are being played by nature. We are all invited. We can all grab a seat and watch that eternal show of grandeur. Renewal, rebirth and joy.

We look out the window. We step out. We see the sky. We rejoice in a night brightened by the moon, our guide – letting us know that it will revolve back around soon. Yes, back around soon, like all life. The cycle, never broken.

Be glad and rejoice. See the sky. See the sun. See the stars. Feel the ocean’s breeze. Tranquility, harmony and joy. Drink them in. This quiet moment to embrace nature is a tonic for a frenetic life. A balm to soothe ourselves with. To glow and glisten with nature in its ready embrace. It encompasses us as we reach out. Be glad. Rejoice.

Image courtesy of [MrWildLife] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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