Technology and Consequential Thinking

We live in an age of smartphones and smart televisions. These devices are not actually smart. They simply have an extended array of abilities. They are just tools. These devices can be utilized in an intelligent or unintelligent fashion, but that is up to the user.

Technology is neither good nor bad. It merely expands our capabilities. How we use technology is either good or bad. To use it well we need to immerse ourselves in something called consequential thinking. Today, it seems the siren song of our devices is so powerful that we fail to spend enough time thinking about how to properly utilize them. We do not think about the consequences of our actions.

For example, if we are at a party getting inebriated does it make sense to take photographs of ourselves at various stages of drunkenness utilizing our smartphones and then post it to the Internet. When we apply for a job might this harm our chances of landing the position? Certainly, we can all agree that it probably will not help.

Are we so narcissistic that the most important thing for us is to broadcast ourselves to the world, under any circumstances? Where does this ultimately end? Is personal dignity of no value? Erring in judgment is one thing. Disseminating it to the world, however, sends a message that we think our bad behavior is perfectly acceptable.

We have so called reality stars who have come to prominence because of their bad behavior. Watching this, some of us might think that behaving badly and making the world aware of it is a reliable path to fame and fortune. Of course, that is not the case. Few people establish enduring fame, and make money from it, by virtue of subpar behavior.

More importantly, do we really want the kind of notoriety attached to not knowing how to comport ourselves? Does that really serve us or society in the long term?

Consider the following:

Smartphones and smart televisions are not smart. The social web is not social. Reality television programs rarely, if ever, present reality. How we use technology makes it worthwhile or not. True socializing takes place in person. If we cannot meet people in person, speaking with them allows us a much better interaction than exchanging fragments of text. If you want to experience reality – a positive reality – get out into the world and partake of enriching experiences.

Remember, technological advancement without philosophical evolution is not progress!

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