Tearful Awakening, a Poem

With a chest full of tears for the human condition
Reflecting on loss, sin and potential perdition
I sit back and hope
Am I just wishing? Perhaps, I’d be better off spending my time fishing.

Cried till I couldn’t cry any more
Thinking mercy is a state of the heart; something to extend from the start
I would like to express myself with more specificity
Yet, people are endowed with remarkable plasticity

A tremendous ability to change we are blessed with
Return to school at later age, lose weight, learn to live without rage
How many of us follow through though?
Too much focus on what we can’t, when what we can should form the plan

We stumble into self-created night
We live with soul scorching fright,
A bird flies above and we shrug, a flower blooms and we’re unmoved
Such is a life with ourselves self-consumed

I beg you, answer me this
Should I just live for what catches the eye with a twist?
Is it all about something that shines from afar?
Or, should I attempt to become a noted philosophical star?

Nah, no, nope. Sure. Say it. Maybe I’m a dope.
But I’ll opt out of this less than merry merry-go-round.
And work at thinking my own thoughts, not for mass adulation and recognition
No, simply for a sense of improved self-cognition

Cogito ergo sum
Do you take that as dumb? Philosophical sucking of the thumb?
If you do, why? Because you’d rather be consumed with ephemeral fashion?
Truly, in life, there’s got to be a greater passion

Awakening is not for the meek
We’re called upon to test our knowledge, and in turn wisdom seek
It is a glorious task, from which we might initially shirk
Yet, in the long run, it is divinely inspired work!

Image courtesy of [dan] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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