Talented to the Max: Dancer Jessica Tiera of X Rocks at Bally’s Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip in Running for this Year’s Maxim Cover Girl Contest: You Can Help Her Win; Talks about Contest, X Rocks, Her Life, More

During the coronavirus pandemic, Las Vegas show performers have found different ways to make good use of their time off. For dancer Jessica Tiera, of X Rocks at Bally’s Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, it is pursuing the dream of becoming this year’s winner of the Maxim cover girl contest. The winner will be on the cover of one of Maxim’s issues and receive $25,000.

Voting for the next round of the competition ends this evening. If you would like to vote for Jessica and support this talented Las Vegas entertainer, you can do so by clicking here. On why she entered the contest and who she hopes to inspire from participating, she shared this:

“Of course, I also did see it as an opportunity to promote myself as an artist, what I stand for and it’s love. It’s everything that we need right now. … Everyone that has a dream and a passion. It’s totally ok to follow through, you know. It’s fun and it’s your life and you should do as you please.”

Jessica Tiera’s career as an entertainer has many chapters, including dancing in China and Italy. She was also a competitive athlete in cross country and track and field. Today, she is performing on the Las Vegas Strip in X Rocks. She tells us what being in a Las Vegas production means to her:

“I love performing there. It’s super high energy. So, if you love beautiful women, rock n’ roll, music, adrenaline rush, I encourage you to please come and see the show. And Las Vegas itself is like paradise city. So, yeah, being a performer out here has been awesome. It’s a place where everything is possible and Las Vegas is just awesome.”

Aside from being a dancer, Jessica is an artist with a love of painting and sketching. She shared with us that she loves the Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas. She imagines sharing her art one day, in a Las Vegas venue. Speaking of the art scene in the Entertainment Capital of the World she offered this:

“There’s so many art shows in Las Vegas in all the casinos, in the hotels and yeah, art is definitely something that lives in Las Vegas. I definitely encourage people to come back to Vegas, have some fun, see the Vegas world.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us for this CYInterview. He talks with Jessica Tiera about her dance background, training routine and her passion for art.

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Jessica Tiera of the Las Vegas show X Rocks

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