Talented Dancer, Chippendales Emcee Jayson Michael Talks to CYInterview about: Performing Online via Chippendales@Home, His Background in Dance, More

This week in Las Vegas, some of the biggest hotels and resorts will re-open for the first time since they closed in mid-March, due to the coronavirus pandemic. June 4th is opening day, at least partially. Certainly, visitors will once again be coming to the city. However, shows will not be on the menu. It is still too early to tell when various shows and productions will resume in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

For the last two months, some Las Vegas shows have taken to offer online performances, to keep their brands going and performers working. Past CYInterview guest Jayson Michael [see here], of the popular male revue Chippendales, has been entertaining audiences all around the world online, via Chippendales@Home. Different parties/events can be booked through Zoom, House Party, Face Time and Google Hangout.

The emcee/host of Chippendales – which takes place at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino – tells us what it has been like to perform online versus performing in front of a live audience:

“It’s definitely different. Obviously to not have that energy you get from a full crowd every night on the Strip, it’s definitely a change. You know, you don’t feel that vibe, you don’t feel that energy as much. In comparison, it’s almost a totally different feeling. This experience that we’re doing with Chippendales@Home, it’s bringing back, it’s hitting home closer because we’re doing it for a lot of first responders and a lot of people who are going through situations where they’re bachelorette parties or bridal parties have been cancelled. So, it gives you kind of like a different feeling, you know. It’s very rewarding.”

Every entertainer in Las Vegas has a different reason why they enjoy being on stage. Jayson Michael relates what he gets out of performing in Chippendales:

“The reason I became a performer was because I’ve always enjoyed giving back. And so for me, when I step out on that stage for that hour and fifteen minutes, everything in my life goes away. I know that this person has come here and they’ve saved their entire life savings on this trip to get a ticket, to come to Vegas to do this. For that hour and fifteen minutes, everything in my life goes away to give them something that I was lucky enough to be good at, and talented at and people received well.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us for this CYInterview, where he discusses physical/dance training, as well as a variety of performance related topics, with Jayson Michael.

You can listen to the entire CYInterview below:

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You can visit www.chippendales.com or call 866-CHIP999 for more information on Chippendales@Home.