Talented Choreographer/Dancer Anthony Cardella: Talks Dance, Las Vegas Productions, TikTok, More

Since he was nine years old, Anthony Cardella has had a passion for dance. Today, his choreographic artistry is on display on the Las Vegas Strip.

The dancer and choreographer was recently promoted to co-producer of Stabile Productions. Stabile Productions is the company behind some of Las Vegas’s most well-known shows, including X Burlesque, X Country and Piff the Magic Dragon.

Anthony is the co-producer and choreographer for X Burlesque and X Country. He shared with us what his job responsibilities are:

“I co-produce all those shows. I also choreograph all the shows. And then I also manage the shows and then with X Burlesque, I’m actually the dance captain. So, I have to teach all the new girls the show and do scheduling. So, it’s a lot of different hats I wear, but I love them all.”

One of Stabile Productions other Las Vegas shows is X Rocks. The show has been on a hiatus since 2020. Mr. Cardella revealed to us that the show will definitely be coming back to the Las Vegas Strip:

“We, looking hopefully by at least this year somewhere. We have a couple different options we’re looking at, but we will definitely be reopening. That we know. It was ready to go literally like two weeks before Covid hit. The show was ready. We have all these new props. There’s a whole new show. So we definitely are very eager to get that reopened for sure.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us for this CYInterview with Anthony. Mr. Cardella discusses the challenges of being a choreographer in Las Vegas and how TikTok has impacted dance since the coronavirus pandemic began in 2020, among other topics.

You can listen to the entire CYInterview below:

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You can find more information about Stabile Productions by clicking here.