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Talented and Beautiful: Jennifer Romas, Producer/Choreographer/Dancer in her Production, Sexxy: The Show at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino Joins Us to Discuss Her Career, the Art of Dance, Her Show, More

Jennifer Romas is one of the most important stars on the Las Vegas entertainment scene.

Ms. Romas is featured on the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino’s marquee in bold letters, for her ongoing production, Sexxy: The Show. The spectacular female revue takes place at the Westgate and it gets the marquee it deserves. Jennifer is a dancer, choreographer and producer. Listening to her, you can feel her positive energy.

Jennifer has performed in numerous Las Vegas productions and has witnessed many of the highs and lows that come with being part of the entertainment scene. Today, her production Sexxy: The Show is demonstrating great staying power, no doubt owing to her professionalism, the talented performers she has with her and the great reviews the show garners.

In the downtime occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic, Ms. Romas has launched an online store for her Las Vegas production at

With time off from dancing due to the pandemic, the beautiful and talented dancer shared with us how she believes entertainers can get through this challenging time in the Entertainment Capital of the World:

“I think sometimes we need to train our mind to get us through situations or to, you know, come out on the positive end. Our minds are incredible things as we all know and to train your mind before kind of training everything else I think is one of the biggest things I’ve also learned kind of throughout this whole pandemic.”

Focusing on the positive, Ms. Romas offered this:

“We will come back. Entertainment will come back. I believe that with my heart and my soul. You know, I think we all kind of feel this and can relate. You know, entertainment is, it gives us life. Not only for the performer on stage, and honestly that is why we do it because of the feeling we get from a live audience, but also for the world, it unites everybody.”

Summing up her life as a producer, choreographer and dancer for Sexxy: The Show, Jennifer shared this:

“I’ve got a great support system. I have an incredible team. That I do have to say. You know, whether the girls have been with me for five weeks or five years, which some of them have, everyone who comes through the door there I consider family.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein has an in-depth discussion with Jennifer Romas about the art of dance and dance training that you will not want to miss.

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Jennifer Romas with her Sexxy: The Show Castmates

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