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Talent Thy Name is Paula Abdul: Singer/Dancer Paula Abdul’s Grand Opening for Her Residency at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip is a Power Packed Hit! CYInterview on Hand to Give You the Scoop

Last night was the grand opening for Paula Abdul’s Las Vegas residency at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino. Titled Forever Your Girl, CYInterview was in attendance to witness this great production. Celebrities in attendance included Wayne Newton and Frankie Grande Jr. – who we had met years back – and Kathy Griffin.

With Wayne Newton at the Miami Make-A-Wish Ball in 2012

Fans of Paula Abdul’s dancing – correct that, fans of dancing period – will be dazzled by Paula and her cast of superb dancers. Forever Your Girl is a biographical tribute to her career. There are stories about her time as a Los Angeles Laker Girl, how her hit song Straight Up came to be and how she did choreography for Janet Jackson.

With Frankie Grande at Lea Black’s home in 2013

In between regaling the audience with stories of her career, Paula performed her hits including Straight Up, Forever Your Girl and Opposites Attract. There is no denying that the Grammy Award winner still has beguiling dance moves, a great voice and a charismatic stage presence. The assembled crowd thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Those looking for a fun evening in Las Vegas should see Ms. Abdul’s production. She is a true talent. Fans of music from the 1980s and 1990s will be thrilled. Lovers of music and dance in general, are sure to enjoy this show.

With Paula Abdul at her media junket at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino

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