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  • Extraordinary Things are Accomplished in Unextraordinary Ways

    Kids love magic. If a child is young enough, you can entertain him by pulling a coin out of his ear. You need no skill to do this. As a child grows up, your magic skills have to keep up with his developing mind. As we transition through childhood, our critical reasoning facilities become more and more developed. The “pull the quarter out of the ear trick” might impress a five year old. It is not going to impress a 14 year old. As for grownups, you better come up with a really good trick if you want to intrigue and amuse them. Yet, though we adults will not be wowed by pulling coins from our ears, we still like magic – quite a lot actually.

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    What Happens Outside of Work

    What happens outside of work can have a dramatic impact on our performance while we are at work. True, there are some individuals who are able to compartmentalize their lives and limit the effect that ups and downs in their personal lives might provoke in their careers. I doubt many people fall into this category, however. Our personal life is going to tend to affect our work life. If going home means retreating to a place of quiet peace and enjoyment, it is probably going to serve to bolster our ability to work hard. If, on the other hand, our personal lives are fraught with chaos and drama, this will most likely affect our performance at work for the worse.