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    Repeat After Me, Omar Benson Miller is Not Forest Whitaker: The CSI: Miami Actor Speaks About His Career, Working with the Incredible Mya and the Fact that he is Not Forest

    Next month will make five years since we spoke with actor Omar Benson Miller [see here]. You might recall the actor for his role in the Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon and Jennifer Lopez movie Shall We Dance or for his recurring spot on the TV show CSI: Miami. Over the years, people have ended up on CYInterview in their quest to figure out if Mr. Miller is related to Oscar winning actor Forest Whitaker. In 2008, Omar told us a rumor began on Wikipedia which led some to believe the two were related. Though no one can deny the physical resemblance, they are not related.

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    Academy Award Nominated Director Lasse Hallstrom Sits Down with CYInterview at the Miami International Film Festival

    Oscar nominated director Lasse Hallstrom has made some highly acclaimed movies. It began for Lasse more than two decades ago at the Miami International Film Festival, when his Swedish movie, My Life as a Dog, gained traction. He would end up receiving a Best Director Oscar nomination for the film. His movies, The Cider House Rules and Chocolat, went on to receive Best Picture nominations at the Academy Awards as well. Last month, Lasse returned to the Miami International Film Festival where he accepted the Career Achievement Tribute Award. Additionally, he brought with him his first Swedish movie since making My Life as a Dog. He brought The Hypnotist to screen at this year’s festivities.

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    Actor John Leguizamo Talks About His Latest Movie, El Paseo 2; His Career and Dimmed Oscar Hopes at the Miami International Film Festival

    For over 25 years, actor John Leguizamo has shown us his acting abilities in a variety of diverse roles, on television and in the movies. At the Miami International Film Festival a few weeks ago, the actor sat down with me to talk about his first full length Spanish language film, which was shot in his native Colombia. As we began speaking prior to our CYInterview, I realized how easygoing and fun John is. He is that friend you go to a football game or bar with and chat for hours about anything.

  • Former NHLer Chris Nilan Gets Candid about His Life as a Hockey Enforcer; Talks About the New Documentary, The Last Gladiators

    In recent years, we have seen numerous accounts of what happens to professional athletes after their careers are over. More than ever, we are seeing the pains athletes deal with after they leave their sports. This could be physical pain, the pain of broken relationships or financial pain. A new documentary, The Lost Gladiators, explores the life of some of hockey’s toughest players – known in the sport as enforcers – long after the games are over. At the center of the piece is Chris “Knuckles” Nilan. The former Montreal Canadien, Boston Bruin and New York Ranger spoke candidly about the personal challenges he has faced during his life and the pain he lives with every day from having played professional hockey.