Tag: Time 2014

  • Wasting Less Time

    I would have liked to call this column “The Complete Elimination of Wasted Time,” but that would have been a waste of time. Why? The answer lays in the nature of setting goals. Many people set lofty goals, only to stop pursuing them within days. We all like to dream big. There is nothing wrong with that. But to make those dreams come true, we must work backwards from the big dream. We must create a good number of subsidiary goals that will get us, eventually, to where we want to go. However, if we create a very daunting goal, and do not set up a bunch of smaller more manageable goals first, all that will happen is that we will demoralize ourselves. Being demoralized is a gateway to wasting time. Frequently, we waste time because we are avoiding, consciously or subconsciously, things that we have to do that are not a waste of time. And, often, we do this because we find ourselves with a daunting goal to tackle.

  • Challenges and Lists

    Years ago, my father commented to me that “Life deals cards daily.” How true that is. Sometimes we are dealt aces and we feel like we are on top of the world. At other times, we are dealt a hand like a foot – low cards putting us into a state of fear, worry and sadness. Life is filled ups and downs, some due to things we can control and others which are simply the result of random circumstance. What do we do when life deals us a tough hand? What happens when nothing seems to be going our way? What do we do when we feel like we are all alone, in the middle of the ocean treading water and about to drown?

  • A Quick Note to Self

    Dear Self, Please pay attention: Life is short. Yeah, you do not like to think about that, but it is. Show the people who are important to you the love and respect they deserve, while you still have time. There is nothing sadder than regret, especially when it comes to people we care about. In fact, the one thing that can make life seem unbearably long is living with great regret. You can change. Change is tough, and no matter what some clever marketers might have to say, change takes longer than you might hope for. However, get it through your head that personal change is possible and it makes more sense to work on changing yourself than attempting to change others. In fact, if you want to see change in others, change yourself. Hopefully, they will gain inspiration from your lead.

  • A Healthy Relationship with Time

    What is a long time? What is a short time? What is too much time? What is not enough time? The answers to these questions are largely dictated by their context. In terms of human biology, 100 years is a long time. After all, most of us do not live 100 years – though the number of centenarians is growing. In societal terms, 100 years, depending on your point of view, might be a lot of time. Certainly, we have seen massive technological change and consequent impact on society over the course of a century. We have grown in many senses, yet our philosophical underpinnings may not have changed as much as we think. So, in this sense, some folks might not think 100 years is a lot of time or 1000 years for that matter.