Tag: Thinkers 2013

  • Make a Choice

    Making a choice can be hard. When we choose to do one thing, we give up the opportunity of doing a myriad of other things. There is always a cost when we make a choice. That cost, whether we realize it or not, is the opportunity cost. An opportunity cost is whatever we gave up to do what we are doing, specifically the best alternative. A classic example of opportunity cost is the notion of a free lunch. In economics, it is said there is no such thing as a free lunch. This is because if we are invited to eat for free at lunchtime, the reality is we gave up some other opportunity to do that. Maybe it was eating with our family or friends and enjoying their fellowship. Maybe it was going to the gym and exercising. The point is that any decision, any choice – even one that appears to be free – comes at a cost. That cost is the forgone alternative.

  • Jay Bildstein, Sunrise, Both Sides

    A Time to Think and a Time to Act

    There is a time to think and a time to act. Learning to discipline ourselves to follow through on this often takes more effort than we might realize, but it is most certainly worth it. There are those of us who are perpetual doers. We do and do and do but often do not spend time contemplating exactly why or what it is we are doing. We are driven by quick ideas and impulses. Something comes into our minds and we act. We find it difficult to sit still, either actually or metaphorically. Our mantra is, “Take action!”