Tag: Success 2016

  • Moments of Joy

    Eat your favorite food. Take a walk. Look at a beautiful flower. Listen to your favorite song. All these things can bring you moments of joy. However, that joy is only realized if we are cognizant of it. Unfortunately, too many times the joyful moments in our lives go unrecognized. If we could perceive and remember the joyful moments we experience, we will be bound to feel greater happiness, in our lives, in general. Interestingly, when people cannot do certain things they feel unhappy. If the doctor tells you that you cannot eat your favorite food, you might initially feel unhappy. If you lose your ability to walk or see or hear, you will no doubt find yourself with a challenge to your happiness. That is not to say that you cannot overcome those impediments and still be happy. Yet, they will certainly present challenges to happiness.

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    Energy and Success

    Years ago, I heard a saying I have come to really like: “If you have talent and energy, you're king. If you have only energy and no talent, you're still a prince. But if you have talent and no energy, you're a pauper.” I never knew who said this, but in looking it up it appears to be attributed to the English author Jeffrey Archer. Talent, I believe, is one of the many misunderstood elements we look at when attempting to judge if someone will be successful at a given undertaking. We seem to be particularly enamored with talent. Yet, people who have talent and do not put it to good use, energetically, often do not accomplish as much as they otherwise could.

  • All of the Above

    What is the best way to succeed in business? Let’s list some possibilities: 1.) Be self-motivated. 2.) Work on self-improvement. 3.) Work on acquiring needed skills. 4.) Develop better focus. 5.) Take care of your health. 6.) Make sure to balance work with family life. 7.) Become a better listener. 8.) Eat better. 9.) Do some doctor approved exercise every day. 10.) Develop a good sense of humor. Now, as to the list of possibilities above, which would you choose to best help you to succeed in business? Well, the title of this column gave the answer away. What should you pick from the list above? Everything on the list; all of the above. Some of us might wonder what our eating, exercise patterns or personal life has to do with our ability to succeed in business. The answer is quite a lot.