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  • Language, Growth and the Joy of Words

    I once knew a gal named Barbara. She lived her life in caos. ¡Que bárbara! You might think, as cute as she was, that she went to a beauty salon. Nope. Instead, she liked to visit the barber. Now, this might have made sense if she had a barba. Ah, the joy of words. At times, goofing around, I like to jumble together English and Spanish words and see if I can make interesting sentences out of them. Hey, some folks play golf. Other people like to develop the perfect recipe for vegan chilaquiles. I like to play with words. Anyway, language is absolutely fascinating. It is a gateway into the very nature of the human essence. Language, at its highest level, is our spoken and written soul.

  • Take Ownership of Your Health

    Some folks give almost all their attention to their business pursuits. Some people spend lots of time looking after their cars. They want to make sure their vehicles are running in tiptop condition. Other folks spend a lot of time looking after their homes. They want to make sure that where they live is comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing. I wonder, however, how many of us truly look after our health. I think it is great that people take care of things they own, like homes, cars and other material possessions. It takes a lot of work to acquire those things. I can understand why people want to take care of them and conserve them. At the same time, I believe it makes sense to have the same pride of ownership attitude when it comes to the health of our body, mind and spirit.

  • Sales and Faith

    Sales is a faith based activity. That is right. You have to have faith in yourself. If you do not believe in yourself, how will you ever believe in the product or service you are selling? How will you believe in the imperative of doing the right thing for your customer or prospective customer? Faith in yourself, in fact, is the terra firma upon which success is cultivated, in any endeavor. Different writers who focus on motivation, self-help and personal achievement have offered a host of ways in which we can cultivate belief in ourselves. Some have suggested that irrespective of what we believe, we should “fake it till we make it,” in a given endeavor. Others have suggested that we “act as if,” when it comes to having an attitude that helps us believe in our ability to do something.

  • R.I.P. David G. Town: Unheralded Yet Compelling Scribe Passes in Coatepec

    David G. Town, born in Michigan, USA in 1945, has died in Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico. News of his passing arrived via email on Cinco de Mayo. Mr. Town was a gentle soul, a seeker, a caregiver (for his friend, the late Dorothy K. Sedgwick) a thinker, a writer and a ceaseless advocate for a host of eclectic yet compelling ideas. He frequently expounded on the importance of friendship, forgiveness, reflection, unconventional thinking and the consequence of ideas. He offered numerous ideas for improving the human condition. Mr. Town was not enamored by the superficial trappings of modernity, yet availed himself of the Internet. For a time he ran a blog. Subsequently, he wrote a newsletter distributed via email. Later, he simply continued to send out emails containing his musings, to what he liked to call his “associates and allies.”

  • Impactful Quotes from Gungahababa, a Tale

    At various times and at various places, Gungahababa said: “In the celestial forest, among the flowers and the trees, runs a stream called life, populated by the birds and the bees. It is a place to be alone. It is a place to be together. It is a magical place, in both good and bad weather.” “We are a universe to ourselves; we are a universe together. We repeat the sacred verse, with the intention of increasing our knowledge, whenever. Whenever we have doubt, we can see that we are here; whenever we have doubt, we can always rely on fear. Fear is a constant, in a world of hopes and dreams. We fear that we will not accomplish them, living out our imagined scenes. But if we turn our fear to fuel, we can craft the future with our energetic tools.”

  • Starting Your Own Business: Initiative

    For a large number of us, work is a fundamental part of our lives. And, when it comes to work, we have a choice. We can work for someone else, or we can work for ourselves. For some people, getting a job in an organization that others have founded is just fine. To be certain, there is any number of excellent companies to seek employment with. At the same time, some of us dream of working for ourselves, of being our own bosses, of developing our own companies. What is the single most important quality we need to possess in order to turn the dream of creating our own business into a reality? One word immediately springs to mind. Initiative! We can have all kinds of dreams. We can make all kinds of plans, yet if we do not actually take action, those dreams and plans will be for naught. They will absolutely, positively, be for naught.

  • Simplify

    Technology continues to evolve at an ever more rapid pace. It continuously seems there is more and more to know and to keep up with. Workplace responsibilities compete with the must do tasks of our personal lives. And, of course, we would like to do more than simply work. Enjoyment should fit into our busy lives, somewhere. With so much to do, what do we do? One world comes to mind, simplify. When we have many tasks to accomplish and many things to learn, the best thing we can do is simplify our lives. The more streamlined we make things, the more time we will “create” in our day to get things done.

  • Time Management

    Ah, time and space. Two quantities the meaning of which we tend to believe we know, yet if questioned too deeply about them our supposed understanding begins to unravel, giving way to a combination of confusion and wonderment. I suspect we all have an intrinsic understanding of time and space, but it is, no doubt, an understanding different from that of an astrophysicist. That is just fine, because today, we will talk about one of those quantities, time, in the context of business. Digressing for a moment, it is interesting that we tend to feel we have too much time when we are bored and not enough time when we have to accomplish something. If we are given to procrastination, we might feel we have both too little and too much time, almost at the same time. Ugh!

  • Sales: Attitude is Key

    The selling profession can be a great field for the right person. What makes a person right for sales? There are a few important characteristics, the most important one being a good attitude. When we speak of having a good attitude in sales, we think of a constellation of qualities such as being focused, positive, coachable and goal oriented. Is it possible to succeed in the selling profession if you do not possess the aforementioned attributes? I suppose it is possible. A lot of things are possible. However, we would be well advised to think of what is not simply possible but what is probable. Who is more likely to succeed in sales, an individual who is always negative and rejects coaching or someone who has an upbeat attitude and readily accepts guidance?

  • Keep Reading, Keep Studying

    Owing to desktop computers, laptop computers, smart phones, tablets, smart televisions, the Internet, digital publications and satellite television and radio, in addition to traditional media vehicles like newspapers, magazines, books and terrestrial radio and television, advanced economies are frequently being termed information economies. Not too long ago, certain economies were termed industrial or post-agrarian. Prior to that, they were identified as agrarian economies. Further back still, there existed less formal economies, principally composed of hunter/gatherers. To be certain, an economy can carry one label yet still have a strong component more identified with an earlier time. Time marches on and societies change. Success is predicated on being able to change with the times, while maintaining practices from bygone eras that continue to work well.