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  • Saving and Spending

    Want to save money? Stop spending it! At first, this might sound like ludicrous advice; it seems so obvious. However, how many of us spend time thinking about defining our needs versus our desires, when it comes to our expenditures? How many of us are aware, on a day to day basis, of what we truly want as opposed to ideas that are put in our head by savvy marketers? How many of us make purchases only because we need something or truly believe it will bring us happiness? How many of us buy things so that we “look good” in someone else’s eyes? I am not here to tell you what you need. I am not here to tell you what should or should not make you happy. However, when it comes to saving money and building personal wealth, I do suggest that all of us might want to ask ourselves the aforementioned questions, so that we can get a better grip on what our needs and desires truly are.