Tag: Remembering David G. Town

  • R.I.P. David G. Town: Unheralded Yet Compelling Scribe Passes in Coatepec

    David G. Town, born in Michigan, USA in 1945, has died in Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico. News of his passing arrived via email on Cinco de Mayo. Mr. Town was a gentle soul, a seeker, a caregiver (for his friend, the late Dorothy K. Sedgwick) a thinker, a writer and a ceaseless advocate for a host of eclectic yet compelling ideas. He frequently expounded on the importance of friendship, forgiveness, reflection, unconventional thinking and the consequence of ideas. He offered numerous ideas for improving the human condition. Mr. Town was not enamored by the superficial trappings of modernity, yet availed himself of the Internet. For a time he ran a blog. Subsequently, he wrote a newsletter distributed via email. Later, he simply continued to send out emails containing his musings, to what he liked to call his “associates and allies.”