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  • Jay Bildstein, Basics

    The Basics are the Best

    Want to rise to the very top of your field of endeavor? Remember this always, “The basics are the best!” So many times we think the pursuit of excellence requires some secret formula. Whether it is in school, sports, business or some other activity, we are seduced by the notion that there is some secret we can learn that will insure our success. Admittedly, in any given activity, there may be information that is not widely available that may help us succeed. However, even if that is the case, is that the secret to success? The answer is no!

  • Technology and Consequential Thinking

    We live in an age of smartphones and smart televisions. These devices are not actually smart. They simply have an extended array of abilities. They are just tools. These devices can be utilized in an intelligent or unintelligent fashion, but that is up to the user. Technology is neither good nor bad. It merely expands our capabilities. How we use technology is either good or bad. To use it well we need to immerse ourselves in something called consequential thinking. Today, it seems the siren song of our devices is so powerful that we fail to spend enough time thinking about how to properly utilize them. We do not think about the consequences of our actions.

  • Jay Bildstein, Personal Standards, Work

    Personal Standards, Passion and Work

    Do you have personal standards? What do I mean, you ask? Okay. Do you weigh yourself daily or weekly? If you do, what is the number you want to see on the scale? When you shop for clothes, let’s say jeans, are you happy buying any size you fit into, or do you have an expectation of fitting into a certain size pants? I suspect that most of us want to see a certain weight on the scale. We also want to fit into clothing of a certain size. Sometimes we meet our expectations or standards, sometimes we do not. Often, if we do not meet our self-imposed expectations for a while, we change our standards. This can be bad or good, depending on whether our standards were realistic to begin with.

  • Calculating a Lifestyle

    We all have aspirations. Most of us would like to live in a nice home in a good neighborhood. We would like to own a reliable car – though some of us desire something more than simple reliability – there is the education of our children, clothing, vacations and leaving something behind for future generations. These are common desires. Where and how we live, combined with the type of work we do and the type of leisure time activities we partake in determines what kind of lifestyle we have. A good style of life may aid our general happiness with life itself. This is not always true, yet if we live lives with many unfulfilled expectations, it is reasonable to assume that our level of satisfaction will not be where it could be.

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    Technology and Productivity

    Technology’s impact on our lives is increasing. Technology begets more technology. Some people mistake this for progress. However, as I have mentioned so many times before, technological innovation without philosophical evolution is not progress. Let’s look at personal productivity in the workplace. First off, where exactly is the workplace today? Is it simply our offices? What about when we answer business emails on our laptops at home? How about when we are out on the weekend with our family and we find ourselves responding to business related texts on our smartphones? You see, the workplace today can be virtually anywhere and everywhere.