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    Executive and Research Chef Karl Marsh of Omaha Steaks Shares His Steak and Stuffing Recipe in Time for Thanksgiving, More

    Thanksgiving is only days away and Executive and Research Chef Karl Marsh, of Omaha Steaks, is on board with eating steak for the holiday. Chef Marsh even has his own cornbread stuffing recipe to compliment steak. You can enjoy steak and stuffing for Thanksgiving, Christmas and beyond. Chef Marsh joined us to talk about some of his favorite recipes, as well as the specialties he works on, as we get ready for the busy holiday cooking season. A chef for more than 20 years, he also told us about some of the new eats that are on the horizon for Omaha Steaks. With almost 100 years in business, new offerings including salamis and roasts are on their way.

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    Todd Simon, Senior Vice President of Omaha Steaks, Talks About His Company, Steak for Thanksgiving, Midwestern Values, More

    The holiday season is just around the corner. Millions of tempting dishes will be prepared and eaten. Next week, for Thanksgiving, turkey is the traditional choice. But who says a new tradition cannot be born. What about eating steak for Thanksgiving? With that in mind, we welcome to CYInterview the Senior Vice President of Omaha Steaks, Todd Simon. Mr. Simon is part of a family going back generations, who developed the Omaha Steaks company. The company is a well-known in America for their beef products. They have been around for almost 100 years. Mr. Simon shares with us some of the company’s history, talks about what has given the company staying power for almost a century and tells us why steak is a good choice for Thanksgiving or any other upcoming holiday.