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  • Back to the Bubble: Selection Sunday Approaches, Who’s Gonna Make It, Who’s Not?

    Recently, we brought you our first installment of the NCAA Tournament bubble teams [see here]. With only 13 days to the NCAA Tournament field is announced, we welcome back our Editor in Chief and sports commentator Chris Yandek for an analysis on what he thinks about some of the bubble team's chances to make the NCAA Tournament. The teams we discussed included: Syracuse, Miami, Michigan State, Michigan, Arkansas, Northwestern, Vanderbilt and Clemson. To gain some insight about what teams might be headed to the NCAA Tournament and which ones may be left behind, please listen to this segment.

  • NCAA Tournament Bubble Teams Discussed: Most Likely To Least Likely

    We are still a few weeks away from Selection Sunday. Selection Sunday this year is March 12th. It is the day that the 68 teams are announced for the NCAA Tournament. Every year, there are a dozen or more teams who may or may not make the NCAA Tournament depending on their resume. Those teams are considered to be on the bubble. Our Editor in Chief and sports commentator Chris Yandek is back with us to breakdown which bubble teams are likely to be in the NCAA Tournament and which teams still have some work to do. We discuss the following teams in this segment and their chances to make the NCAA Tournament: Northwestern, Michigan State, Michigan, Arkansas, Syracuse, Miami, Indiana and Tennessee.