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  • Beauty and the Brain: Amen Clinics Research and Weight Loss Director, the Dynamic and Insightful Kristen Willeumier, Ph.D., Back With the Low Down on Improving Our Brains While Benefiting Our Looks!

    We live in a looks obsessed society. Beauty is a multibillion dollar industry. Images, be they online, on television, in the movies or in magazines, fill our minds with visions of physical excellence seemingly beyond our grasp. And while looks garner a huge share of our attention, our brains - repositories of imagination, intellect and emotion - hardly get any attention at all. There are, however, people dedicated to studying the brain and helping us improve brain function. One of those individuals is Kristen Willeumier, Ph.D., Research and Weight Loss Director at the renowned Amen Clinics in Southern California. I have had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Willeumieur on a number of occasions, on CYInterview, along with my colleague Chris Yandek. Dr. Willeumieur is a neuroscientist who is able to take seemingly complicated concepts of brain chemistry and brain function and make them clear and understandable. That said, we thought we would pose to her some questions about improving the function of our brains while working at improving our looks.

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    Cake Queen Kim Daisy Swims Out of the Shark Tank and Into People’s Kitchens Nationwide with her Daisy Cakes; Reveals Entrepreneurial Insights into Going for Your Dream and Making it Happen, More

    The TV show Shark Tank has given various entrepreneurs a chance to take their small business or idea to the next level. In season two of the show, baker Kim Daisy made a deal with real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran for a $50,000 investment. A South Carolina native, Ms. Daisy’s cakes have received national attention since being on Shark Tank. Though partnering with Barbara Corcoran and being on a popular TV show helped her business, Ms. Daisy met with some challenges before greater success came calling and the order volume of cakes increased beyond anything she could have ever imagined. It all started back in the early 1970s when Kim’s mother started making chocolate cakes and selling them one at a time. More than 40 years later, Daisy Cakes will do over two million dollars in sales this year. With the holidays getting into full gear, the cake queen, as she calls herself, tells us why cake is the ultimate dessert.

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    Tennis Great, Martina Navratilova Tells Us What She is Up to During the Art Basel, IWC Schaffhausen Watch Event on South Beach: The Court Legend is Getting Married, More

    Martina Navratilova is one of the greatest tennis players in history. With 18 singles, 31 doubles and 10 mixed doubles major championships, her grand slam championship total of 59 makes her the winningest major champion in American history, male or female, and second overall worldwide. Major championships consist of tennis’s four major tournaments which are the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. Few have contributed as much to the sport of tennis as Ms. Navratilova. Last week, during the IWC Schaffhausen watch event on South Beach, we had a chance to catch up with the tennis legend about what is going on in her life and how often she is now getting out onto the court.

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    Former Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Lennox Lewis at IWC Schaffhausen Event, During Art Basel, on South Beach: Talks About State of Boxing, Up and Comers, Floyd Mayweather, More

    In 2004, Lenox Lewis retired from boxing as the undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World. With a record of 41 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw, Lewis has one of the greatest resumes in the history of boxing’s heavyweight ranks. Today, the pugilist lives in Miami Beach, Florida with his family. Last week during Art Basel at the IWC Schaffhausen watch event on South Beach, we had a chance to speak with the former champ about what he is up to today, as well as getting his thoughts on the state of boxing.

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    Art Basel Week: IWC Schaffhausen Watch Event at W Hotel on Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Seinfeld Star Jason Alexander Hosts

    Arguably the biggest week of the year in Miami Beach, Art Basel brings together dozens of celebrities and the mega rich for exclusive and private invitation only parties. The festivities include many exhibits of art as well as the show casing of luxury goods. Wednesday night featured the IWC Schaffhausen watch event at the W Hotel on Collins Avenue. The evening was hosted by actor Jason Alexander of Seinfeld fame. See our photo above. Stars in attendance included actress Emily Blunt, Victoria Secret model Adriana Lima, former Heavyweight Champion of the World, boxer Lenox Lewis, tennis legend Martina Navratilova, singer Solange Knowles, actor James Marsden and numerous others. The gala marked the launch of the new Portofino Midsize watch collection.

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    Executive and Research Chef Karl Marsh of Omaha Steaks Shares His Steak and Stuffing Recipe in Time for Thanksgiving, More

    Thanksgiving is only days away and Executive and Research Chef Karl Marsh, of Omaha Steaks, is on board with eating steak for the holiday. Chef Marsh even has his own cornbread stuffing recipe to compliment steak. You can enjoy steak and stuffing for Thanksgiving, Christmas and beyond. Chef Marsh joined us to talk about some of his favorite recipes, as well as the specialties he works on, as we get ready for the busy holiday cooking season. A chef for more than 20 years, he also told us about some of the new eats that are on the horizon for Omaha Steaks. With almost 100 years in business, new offerings including salamis and roasts are on their way.

  • Todd Simon, Todd Simon Omaha Steaks, Todd Simon 2014, Omaha Steaks 2014, Omaha Steaks, Steaks 2014, Senior Vice President of Omaha Steaks, Eating Steak for Thanksgiving

    Todd Simon, Senior Vice President of Omaha Steaks, Talks About His Company, Steak for Thanksgiving, Midwestern Values, More

    The holiday season is just around the corner. Millions of tempting dishes will be prepared and eaten. Next week, for Thanksgiving, turkey is the traditional choice. But who says a new tradition cannot be born. What about eating steak for Thanksgiving? With that in mind, we welcome to CYInterview the Senior Vice President of Omaha Steaks, Todd Simon. Mr. Simon is part of a family going back generations, who developed the Omaha Steaks company. The company is a well-known in America for their beef products. They have been around for almost 100 years. Mr. Simon shares with us some of the company’s history, talks about what has given the company staying power for almost a century and tells us why steak is a good choice for Thanksgiving or any other upcoming holiday.

  • Art Davie, Legends of MMA Hall of Fame 2015, Legends of MMA, Legends of MMA Ceremony 2014, Legends of MMA Ceremony, UFC Creator, UFC Visionary, Art Davie UFC, Art Davie 2014

    Recent CYInterview Guest, Entrepreneur Art Davie, Author of Is This Legal? Inducted into the Legends of MMA Hall of Fame

    Last weekend, the visionary behind the UFC, entrepreneur, author Art Davie was inducted into the Legends of MMA Hall of Fame in Reno, Nevada. This year’s other inductees included Pat Miletich, Rickson Gracie, Big John McCarthy and Fedor Emelianeko. MMA personalities including Frank Shamrock, Dan Severn, Jens Pulver, Sean Wheelock, Monte Cox and Stephen Quadros were also in attendance. We recently had Art on CYInterview talking about his new book Is This Legal? and the beginnings of the Ultimate Fighting Championship [see here].

  • Entrepreneur Art Davie, Author of Is This Legal? The Inside Story of The First UFC From The Man Who Created It, Talks About His Book, More

    It is possible you would never have heard the names Randy Couture, Chuck Lidell, Ken Shamrock, Tito Ortiz, Dan Severn or Royce Gracie, along with so many others, if it were not for Art Davie. It can also be said that Mixed Martial Arts might not have reached the mainstream in America without him. For years, the entrepreneur imagined putting on a tournament of the best fighters in the world, bringing together men of all backgrounds from a variety of martial arts traditions including boxing and even sumo wrestling. By becoming a student at the school of the legendary Brazilian jiu-jitsu family, the Gracies, and befriending them, Art was able to convince them that his notion of a best of the best fighters tournament would put their fighting style on the map. Everything came together on November 12th, 1993, in Denver, Colorado, when the first UFC was held. This coming weekend, 21 years after it all began, Mr. Davie will be inducted into the Legends of MMA Hall of Fame in Reno, Nevada.

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    Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin Performs at 20th Edition of The Blacks’ Annual Gala

    Over the last two weeks, we have brought you coverage of the 20th edition of The Blacks’ Annual Gala. You can see it all here: [here]. Luminaries attending the philanthropic soiree like hosts Lea and Roy Black, Gloria and Emilio Estefan and Courtney Love, no doubt, anxiously awaited the evening’s main event. And that main event did not disappoint. It was masterfully executed by a living legend. At 72 years old, the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin put on an inspiring concert that electrified the ballroom at the Fountainbleu Hotel on Miami Beach. Earlier in her performance, Ms. Franklin sang Grammy winner Adele’s Rolling in the Deep. That cover is on Aretha’s new album Aretha Franklin Sings The Great Diva Classics.