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    Good Bye to the Greatest! From the Archives: Classy Freddie Blassie, George Foreman and Boxing Historian Bert Sugar Talk to CYInterview about Muhammad Ali – RIP Muhammad!

    We at CYInterview extend our condolences to the family and friends of boxing legend Muhammad Ali. The renowed pugilist passed away earlier this week at the age of 74. Considered to be one of the greatest athletes and personalities of the 20th century, Ali’s fights with Joe Fraizer, Ken Norton, Sonny Liston and past CYInterview guest George Foreman, among others, are some of the most fabled bouts in boxing history. Beyond sports, Mr. Ali impacted the world in many ways with his words, political activism and involvement in social causes. He was, and will continue to be, an inspiration to many. Though many people are aware of Ali’s great fights in the boxing ring, he also had an experience in the world of pro wrestling. On June 26, 1976, which will be 40 years ago this month, Muhammad Ali got in the ring with the face of New Japan Pro Wrestling, Antonio Inoki. In Ali’s corner was Angelo Dundee and the late pro wrestler and manager, the Fashion Plate of Professional Wrestling, Classy Freddie Blassie. Keep in mind, the Ali vs. Inoki match took place long before the rise of MMA.