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  • No Roses and Rainbows in Harsh Glow of Moonlight: Film Strikes Nerve, Exposes Suffering of Many Children in America through Protagonist – Oscar Win Well Earned

    Growing up as a child in America is often considered a wonderful thing. With the challenges many other countries face around the world, many babies are born into poverty. For them, there is no clean water, nutritious food, electricity and reasonable shelter. Based on this, we might believe that being born in the United States is like winning a lottery of sorts. However, not every child in America has a positive experience growing up. According to various reports, there are millions of children growing up in poverty in this country. They do not have enough to eat every day and they live in ramshackle housing. To many of us, these children are invisible. This past Sunday evening, Moonlight won Best Picture at the Academy Awards. The film is not glamorous in any way. A couple of days ago, it was released for purchase on DVD and patrons can also rent the movie at their local Redbox kiosk. Many Americans will be watching this film for the very first time this week and, certainly, in the coming weeks.