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  • Good Things Happen All the Time

    Good things happen all the time. The trouble is that we tend to remember and focus on the bad times more than the good. This is not a formula for success. Focusing on good things that are happening is a powerful motivational tool. In the business world, this is particularly true in the realm of sales. How many salespeople perpetually beat themselves up because of a perceived misstep during the process of selling to a client? How many salespeople get down because they “lost” a sale? The answer to those questions is many.

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    Confidence, Competence and Motivation

    We have all heard the question, more than once, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” I will avoid evolutionary biology and not attempt to posit an answer. Instead, picture a guy shrugging his shoulders. The fact of the matter is, for most of us, it does not make a bit of difference. However, in many things in life, the order of things does make a difference. For example, if we do not have basic arithmetic skills, it does not seem reasonable to delve into algebra or calculus. Knowledge seems to build on itself. Certain kinds of skills – reading and writing for example – are foundational in nature. Once we have developed those skills, we can use them to develop other skills.