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    Thinker, Coach, Commentator: Coach Mike Leach on Lance Armstrong, Manti Te’o, the Oscars and Recruiting

    With certain sports and entertainment stories coming into national focus, who better to speak with than CYInterview regular, the always insightful Coach Mike Leach. The Washington State head football coach took time out of his busy schedule on the recruiting trail to provide some interesting analysis on Lance Armstrong, Mantei Te’o and the upcoming Academy Awards, among other things.

  • Mike Leach, Washington State Football, Washington State Football 2012

    Coach Mike Leach Weighs in on Notre Dame vs. Alabama Title Game; Talks About His Washington State Cougars, More

    As we head to the end of football season, America’s best college and professional teams are demonstrating their skills in the big games. To break down Monday’s BCS National Title Game between Notre Dame and Alabama, we welcome back Washington State head football coach, CYInterview friend and regular, Mike Leach to provide his analysis on the most important college football game of the season. Coach Leach, the 2008 Big 12 College Football Coach of the Year, also provides analysis on his team’s recruiting class and looks back at the toughest season of his head coaching career, among other topics.