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    A Winner’s Creed, a Poem

    Sadness grows in a heart of woes, yet the soul is born of light. We twist and spin in existential winds and our mind is filled with fright. But through it all, we can stand tall and keep our faith and spirit. Remembering to stay true, to life that has due, our unflagging desire to stay in it. Tired we may be, on land or at sea, of the tumult and misfortunes that find us. When hit by life's gusts it is always a must that we stand tall and are not easily swayed. Our peers might run fast, in fear and aghast at the challenges that upend mere existence. In comfort ensconced, they may feel they are swamped and desire to keep the fray at a distance. But this is contrary to our creed, while we understand their need to stay cozy in coddled existence.

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    They Can; I Can

    Here is a little tip for success I call, “They can; I can.” You might utilize this tip when you need to approach a particular challenge. Challenges can be exhilarating, yet they can also be frustrating. When we find ways to manage our frustration, we increase our ability to meet a challenge. Frustration can be overcome with inspiration. “They can; I can” is based on the power of example, or should I say numerous positive examples. Let’s say you work for a company and are tasked with learning a new skill. Maybe the organization you work for wants you to learn a new language. Perhaps, you need to learn new computer skills.

  • Alive in Colors; a Poem

    Green is the color I see in my mind, of life and growth, of time beyond time. It gives me hope like the lush of the forest. A place of hope, a space of dreams – a feeling of relaxation and park scenes. The plants, the plants, the plants. They are green! Too often ignored in our concrete laden schemes. Oh green! And then there is blue, it is true. The color of the sky and of me and of you. When we are sad that is. But blue can bring me relief, with its cool, calming tones. It can make me feel better, right down to my bones. I do not like to feel blue, but I love to see it. Not in the emotions of people but in the color of the sky. I look to the heavens, not to ask why but to give thanks. Blue does it for me. Does it do it for you?

  • Sampson Strong Reads; a Tale

    [*Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities between a character in this tale and any person living or dead are merely coincidental.] “No song need be unsung if you unbridle your heart, unburden your soul and free your mind.” “Just because you should does not mean you can, but just because you cannot right now does not mean you won’t in the future. And, remember, there are those who can and won’t at any time. It is the will that is the controlling factor.” “The meaning of meaning stems from the seeming of seeming.” Mr. Sampson Strong sat reading quotes from Sir Wilbury W. Wadsworth’s, Worthwhile Words to the Wise, 7th Edition. Strong had been feeling less than strong lately and was seeking inspiration where he could find it. Wadsworth’s compilation of quotes, anecdotes and short stories was a good starting point for gaining inspiration and strength, as well as insight into the human condition.

  • And Then Act

    On various occasions I have written about the need for proper planning as a way to accomplish a goal. This goal could be within the realm of school, athletics, business or personal relationships – virtually anything in the human experience. Setting out to accomplish a goal without having a proper plan is like going off to some exotic destination without a map. Without a map it is easy to get lost. Plans are of vital importance. However, after we have made plans to accomplish a goal, we must act. Make good plans and then act. This is one of the laws of success. Interestingly, we often get caught up with focusing on one of those things – planning or taking action – when we need to focus on both.

  • A Bunch of Stuff Hit Me! A Poem

    A bunch of stuff hit me. And so goes life; birth, toil and often strife. But let’s face it; life dishes up good stuff too. Hard to remember but most certainly true. So anyway, things are going along, you know, fine. Not perfect. There are challenges, but things are pretty good. Better than pretty good. I am living life. That is what I am doing, living life. Then, a bunch of stuff hit me. Hmmm, how did it feel? I got this sensation that I was in the middle of the ocean, alone, with the waves growing in size and the water getting ever more turbulent. I just kept feeling like at any moment the water would overtake me, that it would keep rising. There I was in the middle of the ocean. Water up to just under my nose. The sky almost black. The heavens rumbling.

  • Challenges and Lists

    Years ago, my father commented to me that “Life deals cards daily.” How true that is. Sometimes we are dealt aces and we feel like we are on top of the world. At other times, we are dealt a hand like a foot – low cards putting us into a state of fear, worry and sadness. Life is filled ups and downs, some due to things we can control and others which are simply the result of random circumstance. What do we do when life deals us a tough hand? What happens when nothing seems to be going our way? What do we do when we feel like we are all alone, in the middle of the ocean treading water and about to drown?

  • A Quick Note to Self

    Dear Self, Please pay attention: Life is short. Yeah, you do not like to think about that, but it is. Show the people who are important to you the love and respect they deserve, while you still have time. There is nothing sadder than regret, especially when it comes to people we care about. In fact, the one thing that can make life seem unbearably long is living with great regret. You can change. Change is tough, and no matter what some clever marketers might have to say, change takes longer than you might hope for. However, get it through your head that personal change is possible and it makes more sense to work on changing yourself than attempting to change others. In fact, if you want to see change in others, change yourself. Hopefully, they will gain inspiration from your lead.

  • A Healthy Relationship with Time

    What is a long time? What is a short time? What is too much time? What is not enough time? The answers to these questions are largely dictated by their context. In terms of human biology, 100 years is a long time. After all, most of us do not live 100 years – though the number of centenarians is growing. In societal terms, 100 years, depending on your point of view, might be a lot of time. Certainly, we have seen massive technological change and consequent impact on society over the course of a century. We have grown in many senses, yet our philosophical underpinnings may not have changed as much as we think. So, in this sense, some folks might not think 100 years is a lot of time or 1000 years for that matter.

  • Hat, Sunglasses and Earplugs

    Let’s indulge ourselves in a quick thought exercise: Imagine you take a daily walk, for exercise. You walk for 45 minutes, along a busy thoroughfare. Additionally, let’s assume this walk is taken midday, when there is plenty of sun. Based on the facts as stated above, does it make sense to wear a wide brimmed hat? I would think so; we are told to protect ourselves from the sun. Does it make sense to wear sunglasses? I think most of us would agree that makes sense too. Proper sunglasses make it easier to see when it is sunny and help protect our eyes (if they block out UVA and UVB rays.)