Tag: Learning in 2013

  • Transcendental Ignorance

    There is a lot to know. There is more to know about life and the universe than any one person could ever hope to master. This seems so obvious as to not need pointing out. However, from time to time, we all succumb to the siren song of the absurd. That misfortunate melody tells us we know more than we really do. It is our responsibility to keep ourselves in check when it comes to the knowledge we possess or lack. It is important for us to know what we know and know what we do not know.

  • Prisons of Experience

    There are a number of ways to learn. We can go to school. We can receive instruction from a teacher who is willing to work with us one on one. We can do self-study. And last but not least, we can learn through experience. Great value is placed on experience. And, no doubt, experience is critical in developing mastery in a particular field. Without experience it is impossible to see the application of our thinking, knowledge and ability firsthand. However, as important as experience is, it does come with limitations.