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    Country Music Star John Rich: The Successful Singer/Songwriter, Winner of the Celebrity Apprentice and Half of Big and Rich, Sits Down for a Candid, Compelling and Varied Conversation

    John Rich is one of country music’s success stories. He has succeeded as a solo artist and as half of the music group Big and Rich. As a songwriter he has penned a reported 13 top ten hits for artists including Taylor Swift and Faith Hill. Beyond country music, he is known as one of the winners of Donald Trump’s NBC reality show, Celebrity Apprentice. John tells a modern day tale of rags to riches, going from a trailer park to stardom and having 46 employees. In speaking with him, it became readily apparent that he is a man who pulls no punches, whether talking anything from country music to politics. Last month, we brought you photos from Lea Black’s cocktail party, at her beautiful home in Coral Gables [see here]. Lea is returning to the Real Housewives of Miami. The show is scheduled to return August 12. She is, for those of you who do not already know, married to Miami super attorney Roy Black.

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    More from The Blacks’ Annual Gala: CYInterviews with the Evening’s Cohost, Attorney Roy Black and Former American Idol Winner Taylor Hicks

    We have already shared with you our report on The Blacks’ Annual Gala, as well as photos from that dazzling evening [see here]. Today we will begin with a couple of CYInterviews from the event. First up is attorney and past CYInterview guest Roy Black. Following that is a conversation with musician Taylor Hicks. For 19 years attorney Roy Black has been alongside his wife Lea at the annual event bearing their name, which benefits The Consequences Foundation. Mr. Black has been with us before on CYInterview, commenting on various topics.