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  • Ever Dynamic Neuroscientist, Dr. Kristen Willeumier is Back with Advice on Happily Avoiding the Holiday Feeding Frenzy

    The holiday season is here. People are celebrating special days all across the world. In some cases, people will eat a larger main course and more dessert. So how does one navigate the eating bonanza of the holiday season? To help with this, we welcome back neuroscientist and CYInterview regular Dr. Kristen Willeumier to tell us how we all can eat well during the holidays. While at the Amen Clinics, Dr. Kristen Willeumier taught weight loss courses that included former NFL players. She tells us we should all practice something called mindful eating, where we take note of what we are eating and what types of foods we are consuming.

  • Our Mind, Our Matter, a Poem

    Out there in the cosmos we think the answer lies. But the answer is inside of us, while we look onward to the sky. Self-examination is tough; it calls for a resilient soul. To strip away the myth of self and boldly catalog our show. No easy task that. It is gut wrenching work, from which we would prefer to shirk. Yet, it is the only way for us to grow. Traveling within the recesses of mind. The ins and outs, the twists and turns can leave us lost. Lost within ourselves as we dwell and delve into the abyss of our own foibles. The mind as haunted house. The mind as mystery. The mind as ultimate frontier. We need be astronauts of the cosmic terrain of our brains. We must sort and separate, organize and assess. And, we must do this at our own behest. Growth is rough stuff. Yet the task is easier when we have a passion to do better. To go through thick and foul weather. To discover our own goodness, the goodness we possess within.

  • Kristen Willeumier, Dr Kristen Willeumier

    Sharp, Smart and Charismatic, Neuroscientist Dr. Kristen Willeumier Spends Time with Us Discussing Fasting, Its Different Forms and Potential Health Benefits

    When it comes to your health, particularly brain health, why might fasting be beneficial? It is a good question. Recently, it seems, there has been interest in the concept of fasting as a tonic for good health. As with anything related to diet and exercise, it is important to speak with your physician before undertaking a fast. If you are looking for an in-depth discussion about how fasting might be useful for you, look no further. In an almost one hour discussion, neuroscientist Dr. Kristen Willeumier and featured columnist Jay Bildstein discuss a variety of topics related to the subject. Kristen, for example, says she is a veteran of the master cleanse and has undertaken it for up to a week at a time. She says it is something she has firsthand experience with for almost 20 years.

  • Suma y resta de energía

    Una simple pregunta que debe hacerse en el camino a la felicidad es: "¿Lo qué estoy haciendo me suma o me resta energía?" Al principio, esto puede parecer una pregunta extraña. Después de todo, todo lo que hacemos consume energía, ya sea tirar la basura, escribir un ensayo o salir a correr. Podríamos creer que si algo vale la pena hacer algo, vale la pena gastar energía en ello. Eso tiene sentido. Este concepto ofrece una imagen incompleta, sin embargo. Mire, la pregunta anterior es una especie de prueba de la pasión. Cuando hacemos algo que nos apasiona, tiende a enriquecernos dándonos energía de vuelta más de lo que invertimos en hacerlo.

  • Articulate and Forward Thinking Neuroscientist Dr. Kristen Willeumier Talks Football, Concussion, Brain Health, More

    With football in high gear, the focus on the health and well-being of players, at all levels, is sure to continue. It seems fair to say that whether it is in the NFL, college football, high school football, etc. some athletes may experience some form of concussion, owing to the contact/collision nature of the game. Is enough being done when it comes to protecting players? To gain some perspective, we welcome back the articulate and forward thinking neuroscientist, Dr. Kristen Willeumier, to share her thoughts on the steps the NFL has taken in regards to concussions. During her career in the field of brain health, she has worked with a variety of former NFL players, striving to provide ways for their lives to be improved after the game.

  • Ode to Lanny Poffo

    Leaping Lanny you’re quite a guy You wrestle and write poetry My oh my It’s not the typical combination we see But you decided to let your mind be free You entertained us, as did your dear departed brother The Macho Man, there was no other Yet you’re still here to share your insight That as humans we needn’t just wrestle or fight And so thank you for joining with us my friend I know you’ll be a class act to the end

  • Frugality

    It is nice to be able to buy nice things. And in today’s society, it seems there is plenty to buy – far beyond the essentials of living. There are so many nice, shiny, appealing things marketed to us that we can feel as if we are in a perpetual state of wanting. Sometimes it is good to treat ourselves to something that is not essential to our lives. However, let’s focus on the word “sometimes.” By sometimes I mean once in a while. And by once in a while I mean once in a blue moon. And by once in a blue moon, I mean that you might buy some unneeded thing for yourself once every few months to once every few years – it could be more or less – depending on your financial circumstances and the cost of the item in question. By now, you get the picture. Treating ourselves only occasionally to unneeded things is called being frugal. Being frugal is not the same as being cheap. Being frugal means being financially disciplined. Being frugal means that if you buy a car, you buy a car that meets your needs, not a car that is way above your budget, putting you into debt, even though you could have purchased a good vehicle for far less money.

  • Not This Time

    Not this time. I was going to write a regular column today. I had chosen the topic. I was going to focus on how you can improve your personal economic circumstances even if the economy in general is not doing well. Like I said, not this time. Something occurred to me as I was getting ready to write that column. How many of us know we should do certain things yet do not do them? I suspect, to a greater or lesser extent, this includes most of us. That being the case, does it make sense to put out more and more information unless we attempt to focus on using that information to improve our lives? If, many times, we know what we should be doing but do not do it, perhaps the way to improve our lives is not necessarily cramming ourselves with more and more information, but, instead, attempting to utilize the good information we do have and focusing on putting it into practice.

  • Esta vez no

    Esta vez no. Iba escribir una columna normal el día de hoy. Ya había elegido un tema. Me iba a enfocar en cómo podemos mejorar nuestras circunstancias de economía personal aún si la economía en general no va muy bien. Como dije, esta vez no. Algo se me ocurrió cuando me estaba alistando para escribir esa columna. ¿Cuántos de nosotros sabemos que debemos hacer ciertas cosas, y sin embargo no las hacemos? Me sospecho que en mayor o menor grado, que esto nos incluye a casi todos. Siendo este el caso, ¿Tiene sentido ofrecerle más y más información a la gente, a menos que intentemos concentrarnos en lo que mejoraría nuestras vidas en mayor medida? El éxito en la vida, ya sea el éxito personal, logros de trabajo o un logro de excelencia académica,no sucede solamente por lo que sabemos. Sucede debido a nuestra capacidad y voluntad de aplicar lo que sabemos.

  • Birthday Cake, a Poem

    Life isn’t all Birthday Cake Not even close Too many of us learn this too late But better late than never, I suppose Champagne might be great And sure, you could get drunk Maybe that is an escape But can you be the best you, drunk? Fast food is tasty Does it promote good health? Answer that question yourself Yet we often don’t bother to focus on these things