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    Cher Appears at Hillary Clinton’s Wynwood Campaign Office in Miami; The Entertainment Legend Backs Former Secretary of State Clinton for President

    On the eve of the Presidential Election, entertainment legend Cher appeared before a crowd, at Hillary Clinton’s Wynwood campaign office in Miami. The Oscar/Grammy/Emmy/Golden Globe winner was on hand to thank supporters of Secretary of State Clinton’s campaign. During her speech, Cher said of Republican nominee Donald Trump, “When someone tells you who they are believe them.” The superstar was referring to the offensive and questionable things Mr. Trump has said during his campaign. Focusing on that subject, our article on the election, Vote No to Trump: The Trump Candidacy, A Cure Worse Than the Disease [see here] goes into some detail about Trump’s words.

  • Vote No to Trump: The Trump Candidacy, A Cure Worse Than the Disease

    America is facing significant challenges. The nation is saddled with enormous debt. The recovery from the 2008 financial crisis has been slow. The political system in Washington has been almost completely taken over by self-interest and a lack of comprise. Blind partisanship has replaced the principle of putting country first. In many cases, holding office has turned into a ticket to increase personal wealth and fame, not serve the people and the public interest. This is not to say that we do not have many good people working as elected officials. We do. However, throw even the best people into a system that has been thoroughly contaminated by the institutionalization of self-interest and the nation’s prospects dim. Indeed, we are approaching a blackout. Ladies and gentlemen, these are tough times. But Donald J. Trump is not the answer.