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  • I Dreamt I Swam Among Gardenias: An American’s Vision of the Ruiz Galindo Hotel

    It's amazing how our dreams come true. We are constantly urged to “plan our work and work our plan,” prioritize and establish goals and timeframes in order to realize our fondest dreams. But in my experience, some dreams mostly take care of themselves. I was a neophyte Spanish teacher in a tiny US farming community in the mid-60s, when I was handed an ancient text book and basically told to go for it. My Spanish was bad, in spite of a summer spent in Mexico City. A woeful situation. The book was outdated and had amateurish black and white photos. One, however, caught my attention. The photo in question was of a hotel swimming pool filled with gardenias. You can barely imagine the impression that this fact made on me, even in black and white. Gardenia scent was still highly prized in perfumery, and the flowers themselves had a certain caché attached to their popularity in the Art Deco movement.