Tag: Danger of Knowing

  • The Danger of Knowing?

    Who thinks of knowledge as a limitation? Not many people I suspect. Frankly, I quite often find myself telling people that knowledge is power. However, I wonder if knowledge, in a certain context, might be disempowering, and, if it is, what is there to be done about it? Let’s look at physicians to explore this concept. By and large, medical doctors know far more about illness than those of us not in the medical field. They have extensive training in the ills that can befall human beings. Because of this, they have the tools – such that they exist at this time – to help us overcome disease and infirmity. Owing to all their knowledge about health and sickness, do physicians live longer than the rest of us? I do not know the answer to that question, but I suspect their life expectancy is not much more than the rest of us, and it might even be shorter. Certainly, I do know of a few physicians whose health habits do not reflect well upon the information in their possession. Isn’t that ironic, considering their level of knowledge?