Tag: Corn in 2015

  • To Be and Be Gone; a Poem

    All that’s asked of me is to be and be gone. That’s my song. Come in, go out. Why scream. Why shout. Rhetorical not quizzical. I’m not fooled. I understand the rule. We are out before we’re in. That’s universal time for you. Take it with a grin. Time wasted and we are the author of that. We sit. We watch. We grow fat. And then we lament. Oh how we lament! Then, we plead. We insist that we should be heaven bent. But not too soon. No, please do not make room. At least not yet. Give us our 120 years or more. Yeah, sure. Safe bet. Well, not so much if you live life as such. Change much? Question, not a comment. Change, ah the source of pain and salvation. The source of hope borne of imagination. The way forward having learnt from the way back. And we insist, do it for us Jack. We want better, better than good. We want things the way we think we should. But, do the work? Surely you jest. We’d prefer credit cards; we’ll make the payments. You do the rest. There it is, personal success at our behest.

  • Selfish Fear, Wisdom Dear; a Poem

    I look high into the Sky. Darkness. I look deep into the sea. Darkness. I think of me instead of we. Darkness. I want something at your expense. Darkness. I refuse to see my faults. Darkness. I only see me faults. Darkness. I listen to the birds sing. Joy. I look at the plants in all their glory. Joy. I realize I am part of something bigger. Joy. I give and do not simply take. Joy. I see the smile on your face. Joy. I look to the future while living in the present. Joy. I don’t know when it happened. I couldn’t really say when. I don’t know when you became my friend. Does it matter really when? We can see the stars together. We can lie in fields of green. We can stroll up and down the banks of a never ending stream. We can dream of the unreal. We can live what we believe. But it is up to us. This is not make believe.

  • The Number 4, a Poem

    Wizily, tizily, bizily, boo I can man a fran, so can you Igity, tigity, sigity, bip You like to stand around running your lip Pohity, wohity, himity, hobahon Writing a grease is like running a soparon Sopity dee, nipity lou I like cherry ice with raisins, you like mitty pity

  • You Need Not Live in Fear; a Poem

    Existential cotton candy The world caught up in drinking brandy Clowns, clowns, they are all around Greetings from pseudo friends abound Hey! Now, the circus has come to town Down and out, a state of mind Time running out and we are behind Have a little faith my friend You will prevail In the end Funny thing, this thing called life Filled with fright, filled with strife Do what you can and do not get down Give a little laugh Your power abounds

  • Corn Understands; a Poem

    Corn. Golden and yellow, it knows what you think. It does. Prove that it does not. Can you? Corn. Ah niblets and their knowledge. The ear of corn, a repository of multiple little yellow brains. They think; they observe; they philosophize. Their contribution to knowledge is unparalleled. Prove it is not so! Corn understands. It understands you. It understands life. It sees within and without. Corn, splendid thinking corn! Its wisdom as golden as its color. Its insights as firm and plump as its kernels. Corn rules! Can you provide conclusive evidence to the contrary?