Tag: Consumption in 2017

  • Taylor Rae

    A Ray of Intellect: Writer Taylor Rae Back to Discuss Consumerism, Commoditization, Frugality and International Women’s Day

    Back in January, the media covered the story of Michelle McGagh, a woman who saved a reported $27,000 over the course of one year. According to the article, Ms. McGagh put herself on a strict budget. It was reported, for example, that her weekly food allowance was forty five dollars. For some keen input about this story, we welcome back to CYInterview minimalist and writer of the Little Local Life blog Taylor Rae. Ms. Rae, a Brooklynite possessed of a powerful intellect, tells us how she puts frugality to work in her daily life, as she begins the journey of working fulltime as a freelancer.

  • Taylor Rae

    Urban Living and Enlightenment 2017

    What kind of year will 2017 be? Some things are under our control and some are not. One area that all of us have under our control is our personal state of enlightenment. By enlightenment, I refer to a better understanding of ourselves, our environment and the human experience as a whole. Enlightenment is not an endpoint; rather, it is a never ending continuum. Seeking to have a greater understanding of things is a process, not a destination.