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  • Good Things Happen All the Time

    Good things happen all the time. The trouble is that we tend to remember and focus on the bad times more than the good. This is not a formula for success. Focusing on good things that are happening is a powerful motivational tool. In the business world, this is particularly true in the realm of sales. How many salespeople perpetually beat themselves up because of a perceived misstep during the process of selling to a client? How many salespeople get down because they “lost” a sale? The answer to those questions is many.

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    Technology and Productivity

    Technology’s impact on our lives is increasing. Technology begets more technology. Some people mistake this for progress. However, as I have mentioned so many times before, technological innovation without philosophical evolution is not progress. Let’s look at personal productivity in the workplace. First off, where exactly is the workplace today? Is it simply our offices? What about when we answer business emails on our laptops at home? How about when we are out on the weekend with our family and we find ourselves responding to business related texts on our smartphones? You see, the workplace today can be virtually anywhere and everywhere.