Tag: Commentary 2017

  • New Year’s Resolutions: Are We Keeping Them?

    How many of us are keeping our New Year’s resolutions? I wonder. I suspect the number is not as large as it could be. That leads to the next question. Why? Why do many of us make resolutions at the beginning of the year only to break them a short time later? No doubt, there are a bunch of reasons for this. For one thing, we might become frustrated early on while pursuing our new goal. Perhaps we have resolved to lose weight. Maybe we started on a diet that was unrealistic and so we gave up because it was too hard. Maybe we got on the scale after a week of dieting and saw we lost precious little weight, so we quit.

  • Sometimes; a Poem

    Sometimes, and I want to emphasize sometimes There is this hollow feeling inside And we look to fill it Perhaps a nice meal? For a while, the meal fills us Then the hollowness returns or it does not Depending on what we are doing If we are engrossed in something, we forget the hollowness Sometimes, and I want to emphasize sometimes We feel all alone At times we even feel alone in the company of others In fact, for some of us, we feel most alone when with others

  • Computing 2017, Computers 2017

    Computer Aided versus Computer Addled

    Are you computer aided or are you computer addled, that is the question. Is your smartphone, laptop or PC actually helping make your life better or are those things, in some way, helping to deteriorate a variety of your abilities? Or, perhaps, you are being helped and hurt at the same time. Before we continue, it might be good to think of technology like medicine. Used in the right amount, the right dosage, it can work to make us better. However, too much medicine often proves to be poisonous and it can hurt us and even kill us. Can you go a day without using some form of computer – this includes your smartphone? When traveling somewhere by car, can you navigate using a map or do you need GPS?

  • Seeker’s Path, a Poem

    A wondrous circle An endless cycle This thing called life Goes round Call out, perhaps to yourself Perhaps to the eagle soaring on high Call out and ask It is natural to question why A flower, a bird, the luscious scented air Rain sweet like nectar Glistening in raven hair At times we look, but do we see?