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  • Washington State Head Football Coach Mike Leach Swings by to Discuss March Madness and MLB’s Opening Day; Gives Insight into Recruiting for Football, More

    The NCAA Tournament field has been announced. Baseball season is right around the corner. College football season is six months off. For sports fans, every year is a rotating buffet of compelling competitions. Washington State head football coach Mike Leach always has interesting analysis on football. Yet, he is such an insightful individual that we thought we would bring him back to comment on the beginning of the Major League Baseball season, as well as March Madness. Coach is currently on his Spring Break vacation in Key West, where he spends time during the offseason.

  • A View from Afar: Madness of a Different Kind, We Take a Look at Week 1 2017 College Football Games

    We are just a little less than six months away from the start of the 2017 college football season. The first weekend of the season features some terrific matchups. For an early preview of the first week of the upcoming 2017 college football season, we welcome back Editor in Chief and sports commentator Chris Yandek for some analysis. We discuss the following games: Ohio State vs. Indiana, Tennessee vs. Georgia Tech, South Carolina vs. NC State, West Virginia vs. Virginia Tech, Maryland vs. Texas, North Carolina vs. California, Florida vs. Michigan and Alabama vs. Florida State.

  • Can Clemson and Alabama make it make back to the College Football Playoff National Championship? Chris Yandek gives his opinion

    Recently, we provided you an early preview of the upcoming 2017 college football season [https://www.cyinterview.com/2017/01/chris-yandek-is-back-talking-college-football-reviews-his-correct-prediction-of-clemson-victory-breaks-down-upcoming-2017-season/]. It was only 13 days ago that the world witnessed Clemson and Alabama in one of the great national title games in NCAA football history. Clemson won the game. For a more in-depth preview of whether Clemson and Alabama can get back to the college football playoff and national title game next year, our Editor in Chief and sports commentator Chris Yandek provides some interesting analysis.

  • Chris Yandek is Back Talking College Football: Reviews His Correct Prediction of Clemson Victory, Breaks Down Upcoming 2017 Season

    This past Monday evening, Clemson defeated Alabama to win the College Football Playoff National Championship. That bore out the prediction that our Editor in Chief and sports commentator Chris Yandek made when we spoke about the big game[see here] as well as when he discussed the Championship game with veteran college football magazine editor and expert Phil Steele [see here]. Though we are eight months out from the start of the next season, we welcome back Chris to give us his never too early thoughts on the 2017-2018 college football season.

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    Wynn Las Vegas Oddsmaker-in-Chief John Avello Shares Vegas Eye View of Alabama/Clemson College Football Championship Game, More

    At the Wynn Las Vegas, this year's College Football Playoff National Championship Game could very well be the most wagered on event in the history of national championship games for the sport, according to their sportsbook manager and CYInterview regular John Avello. We welcome John back to breakdown some of the angles for the big game, that will take place on Monday evening January 9th. Mr. Avello told us he currently has five and six figure bets on both Alabama and Clemson to win the national title. So far there has been more money wagered on Alabama than Clemson. However, the veteran oddsmaker says this game is a true even contest and it could swing in either direction.

  • Yan the Man is Back! CYInterview’s Editor in Chief, Chris “Yan the Man” Yandek Back with College Football Insight, Intrigue and Information: Talks Alabama vs. Clemson; What does he predict?

    On New Year's Eve, Alabama and Clemson won their respective games over Washington and Ohio State, to advance to the College Football Playoff National Championship in Tampa, Florida. CYInterview Editor in Chief Chris Yandek correctly predicted that Alabama and Clemson would both win in the semi-final round and play for the national title. He made his forecast on our segment last week [see here] and, again, with college football expert Phil Steele [see here]. Now moving ahead to next Monday night, Chris breaks down the most important game of the college football season. We also discuss how now former Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin's absence might impact the game.