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  • Can Clemson and Alabama make it make back to the College Football Playoff National Championship? Chris Yandek gives his opinion

    Recently, we provided you an early preview of the upcoming 2017 college football season [https://www.cyinterview.com/2017/01/chris-yandek-is-back-talking-college-football-reviews-his-correct-prediction-of-clemson-victory-breaks-down-upcoming-2017-season/]. It was only 13 days ago that the world witnessed Clemson and Alabama in one of the great national title games in NCAA football history. Clemson won the game. For a more in-depth preview of whether Clemson and Alabama can get back to the college football playoff and national title game next year, our Editor in Chief and sports commentator Chris Yandek provides some interesting analysis.

  • Chris Yandek is Back Talking College Football: Reviews His Correct Prediction of Clemson Victory, Breaks Down Upcoming 2017 Season

    This past Monday evening, Clemson defeated Alabama to win the College Football Playoff National Championship. That bore out the prediction that our Editor in Chief and sports commentator Chris Yandek made when we spoke about the big game[see here] as well as when he discussed the Championship game with veteran college football magazine editor and expert Phil Steele [see here]. Though we are eight months out from the start of the next season, we welcome back Chris to give us his never too early thoughts on the 2017-2018 college football season.