Tag: Change in 2013

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    Selling and Storytelling

    One day you go to the beach. It is a splendid day. The sun is shining. The sand is white as can be. The sky is blue. You are in a great mood. Suddenly, you see a lifeguard run into the water and begin swimming at a furious pace. In the distance, you see a person drowning. It is a terrible sight to see. The good news is that the lifeguard is up to the task of saving the person’s life. The individual who was drowning is saved. Thank goodness!

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    New Year’s Resolution Running Start

    Some of us like to make New Year’s resolutions. Of those of us who do, plenty of us break our resolutions in short order. Change is tough, I get it. It’s so tough that many of us would rather tell other people what and how to change instead of focusing on mending our own ways. Change is challenging.