Tag: Change 2014

  • The Obvious

    How many times do we manage to avoid the obvious and, instead, search out secrets when it comes to improving ourselves, our careers and our businesses? Here is a quick example. We gained some weight over the holidays. Now, there are a few ways we can go about rectifying this, but they all are essentially the same thing. We can go out and buy the latest and greatest diet book and follow its advice. We can search the Internet for weight loss “secrets.” Or, we can do the obvious. We can reasonably cut back on what we are eating, lowering our caloric intake and we can reasonably increase our activity.

  • Sahara Desert

    Look Inward, Look Upward

    People have capacities and abilities that tend to far outstrip what they believe about themselves. Sure, there are times when we overestimate our abilities. Yet, most of the time, it is not overestimation of our abilities that should concern us. Rather, it is our commitment to the status quo that has become our lives. Often, our once vibrant dreams fade away. Those dreams yield to the so called realities of life. The years roll by. What we once believed to be a life of limitless opportunities becomes for us an existence of getting by. Whether we realize it or not, we slowly but surely begin to lose faith in our ability to do new things or to exceed what we have accomplished in what have become our typical endeavors.