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  • A Dream is Not a Plan

    Passion can power a purpose driven life. A given field or endeavor can draw us into its orbit. When this happens, we might feel as if we do not need to expend energy pursuing whatever it is that has captivated our interest. On the contrary, it often turns out that something we have a natural affinity for provides us with more energy than we put out in its pursuit. How do we know if we have passion for something, be it art, music, sports, an entrepreneurial endeavor, etc.? One signpost of our predilection might be that we are always thinking about that activity. When we wake up in the morning it is on our mind. We think about it when we go to sleep. Oh, and during the day when we are supposed to be doing others things, this activity exerts a continual pull on our attention.

  • Jay Bildstein, Basics

    The Basics are the Best

    Want to rise to the very top of your field of endeavor? Remember this always, “The basics are the best!” So many times we think the pursuit of excellence requires some secret formula. Whether it is in school, sports, business or some other activity, we are seduced by the notion that there is some secret we can learn that will insure our success. Admittedly, in any given activity, there may be information that is not widely available that may help us succeed. However, even if that is the case, is that the secret to success? The answer is no!