Synchronicity of Authenticity

Solace of imperfection walks
Voiceless preaching balks
Tomato soup can talks
Random noise squawks

Willing rhyming, skillful, unjust
Suffering oxidation, regurgitated, mustard’s ketchup thrust
Dog and pony, cats no phony
The rest of us – unjust

Criminality of banal blusters bust
Talk to him from me to you
Consider what you must
A tussle, a bustle, life’s unworldly gusts

Trial by time undone
Illumination of the sun shunned
Gone by our own hand
Singing songs of inauthentic bands

I’m the gleeful apotheosis
She’s the hostess with the mostest
We’re egocentric misfits
Living in a world of marketing halfwits

Buy this bag, try these shoes
This really tasty stuff is thousand dollar booze
Be part of the group, fit in for the win
The more you spend, the more you have friends – (Yeah right!)

More broke than a punchline-less joke
Rotting our brains with pop culture smoke
A dog, a whistle
Too much booze cured by milk thistle

It’s what it is, but it’s not
What you have is what you’ve got
Others will try and convince you otherwise
To abandon your dreams and staying wise

Pack running is what’s often pushed
It’s up to us to resist, to maintain authentic thirst
To stand bold against unoriginality
Lest we fade into the ether of time, never tasting the sublime

To find joy, reach forward
Stand for what you believe
Don’t allow yourself to be deceived
Then revel in the synchronicity of your authenticity

Of course, you ask what is that?
It’s being true to yourself and that’s a task
But stay strong, be courageous and do what you must
And live your own kind of life, till you return to dust

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