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Superstar Attorney Gloria Allred Returns to CYInterview to Discuss Presidential Election 2016: The Tightening Polls, Hillary Clinton’s Health, Gary Johnson and The Coming Debates

A week after the events of the Democratic National Convention, elected California Delegate, powerhouse attorney and CYInterview regular Gloria Allred came by to speak about her thoughts on Hillary Clinton becoming the Democratic nominee for President of the United States [see here].

With polls tightening between candidate Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump and many media outlets questioning the health status of the former Secretary of State, we welcome back Attorney Allred to give her thoughts.

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us for this CYInterview. You can read the highlights and listen to this entire CYInterview below:

Listen to the entire Gloria Allred CYInterview:

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In recent days, it was reported that Secretary Clinton was recently diagnosed with pneumonia. Attorney Allred agrees that the media’s coverage of Hillary Clinton’s health, compared to how a male presidential candidate’s health would be covered with a similar health challenge, has been sexist:

“Double standard, let’s call it what it is, sexist. … I hope she’s just gonna recover really soon and I am sure she’s getting good medical care and will.”

In 2012, Gloria joined us along with former two term Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson [see here]. The then 2012 and now 2016 Libertarian Candidate for President recently made the news for not understanding an interviewer’s question about Aleppo. Ms. Allred says this about Governor Johnson’s recent headlines:

“I do agree with you Gary Johnson did not get equal treatment when they said you’re done or whatever they’re saying about should you drop out. But you know it has a double edge for Gary Johnson. One, you know obviously it’s embarrassing that he didn’t know, it’s very important, but two, he did get more press attention than he’s generally been getting lately. So you know, is any attention good attention when you’re trying to increase your place in the polls and your identification with voters? I don’t have an answer to that.”

On why Donald Trump should not be President of the United States, Gloria Allred uses a football analogy about his lack of experience to hold the highest office in the land:

“I like the analogy that someone said one time, you know, if you have a losing football team, do you say, ‘Well, good, let’s bring in somebody who has no experience with football and let’s put them in charge and then maybe they’ll do something for the football team.’ That’s ridiculous. Of course you don’t do that. You bring in a coach who has some experience. Maybe it’s gonna be a different coach, but you don’t bring in someone who knows nothing about football.”

With the first Presidential Debate only a few weeks away, Attorney Allred has this advice for Hillary Clinton:

“I think she just needs to continue being Hillary because the Hillary that we know is the Hillary that got her this far. And I think she needs to be careful and not make major mistakes and try to keep it focused on, you know, policy and her vision for the future and not to be brought down by, you know, the kind of mud slinging that he wants to do, which will be to avoid talking about policy.”

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